Monday, September 18, 2006

Posted by Picasa Crossfit Kids- jumping, running, rolling, pushing, pulling, rotating, swinging, slamming, punching, kicking, and throwing: all the ingredients for elite fitness for kids and its FUN!

Crossfit Kids Program - is designed to get kids fit through challenging physical activity. General physical preparedness allows children to develop general motor skills, flexibility, strength, speed and a healthy mental state. Crossfit Kids program will not only prepare kids for movement but also develop a strong work ethic and team work skills.

Program Design – Crossfit kids is scaled to three levels of ability allowing all to participate.

Program Focus- Fundamentals and technique, athletes will be taught how to move their bodies in the proper plans of motion and to develop life long movement patterns that will apply to all sports and life. Emphasis will be placed on proper running form (locomotion), squatting body weight (lowering center of mass), body weight push ups and assisted pull ups (pushing and pulling), core to extremity movements (rotation).

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